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Happy Computing Tip #106
Importance of Monthly Maintenance
By Switch, the I.T. Support Robot

A few of weeks ago, we talked about the importance of backups. Why it’s a good thing to have them in place if anything were ever to happen to your computer. This time, we’re going to stress how important it is to have a regular monthly maintenance for your business.

When you have regular monthly computer maintenance, it’s actually a great benefit to your company. The technician can catch problems before they happen, keep your software up to date, keep all your computers free of viruses, clean the computers so they’ll run faster, and where needed, he can make technical recommendations that will save your company money. Bet you didn’t know that all came with monthly computer maintenance, did you?

If you don’t have a monthly service in place, it’s critical that you set this up ASAP. If any virus, malware, or computer crash happens within your computer, you may not be able to recover from it. We don’t want to scare you, but it has happened. To set up regular monthly computer maintenance visits, call us today and ask for Heather. She’ll get you set up.

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