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Do You Have Uninterruptible Power? Happy Computing Tip # 108

Isn’t it irritating when you’re using your computer and it suddenly shuts down due to a thunderstorm? Thankfully you saved and backed up your work. However, it’s not good for your computer to suddenly shut down. What can you do to stop this from happening in the future? Read more to see how you can do so with a UPS.

What is an UPS?

A UPS or “Uninterruptible Power Supply” is a device that allows a computer to keep running for a short period of time when the primary power source is lost. It also provides protection from power surges. So if you’re connected to a UPS during a power outage, your computer or electronic device will not be affected.

How can you benefit from a UPS?

The main purpose of a UPS is to protect your computer from crashing from a power outage or power surge. It gives you just enough time to wrap up what you’re doing and you are able to shut down the computer yourself. If there is a power outage, you’ll get a notification from your UPS that it’s been activated. Although there are UPS’s that can last up to 2 days, most of them last for only a few minutes.


There really isn’t a definitive cost. It just depends on the brand, quality, and how long you want your UPS to last. However, if you run a business, and you don’t have a UPS, you’ll want to invest in a good one for all of your computers and other electronic devices. If you have any questions on which one to buy, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friendly IT experts, we’ll lead you in the right direction. 😉

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