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Antivirus vs Anti-malware - Do You Need Both??

Happy Computing Tip #125

Switch Technologies technician installing the best antivirus protection for your devices

Increased connection in technology means increased risk to cyber threats on our computers, phones and tablets. Are you using the right software to keep you secure?

The Meaning of Antivirus Has Evolved

Early antivirus programs were known as a software that only blocked computer viruses. Today though, antivirus is used as a general term to describe a software that uses advanced technologies to protect against a variety of malware not just viruses. Anti-malware refers to software designed to detect, prevent, and remove various types of malicious software. Because the meaning of antivirus has evolved you will typically find that both terms are used interchangeably. 

FAQ and Answers We Want You to Have

Q : What is a computer virus?
A :
 A computer virus relies on you or a host to be initiated. It is a type of malicious software (malware) that is designed to replicate itself and spread to other computers or files. Viruses are just one kind of malware.

Q : What other malicious software is out there?
A :
Adware, Spyware, Worms, Trojan attacks, Ransomware, Exploits, Phishing, Spoofing … to name a few.

Q : So, what is the difference between antivirus and anti-malware?

A : Antivirus and anti-malware tools share similarities in their goal of protecting computer systems from malicious software, but they sometimes have differences in focus and methodology.

Q : Do I need both?

A : In modern cybersecurity practices, the terms “antivirus” and “anti-malware” are often used interchangeably, and many security solutions integrate features from both categories. They key is making sure you have a solution that is going to cover all your security needs. At Switch Technologies, our experts are happy to help you with that!

Remember, Cybersecurity Goes Beyond Installing Software …

Cybersecurity is a multi-layered approach. Robust security-software is essential but it is not everything. We considered how computer viruses rely on you to infect your computer. That is why we highly recommend for you to continue practicing safe computing habits. If you don’t have the time then we can help through our regular maintenance program or by providing an up-to-date cybersecurity training.

Happy Computing!!


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