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Physical Security In The Workplace

Happy Computing Tip #123

Everyone hopes that disasters or crime would never happen to them. But preparation for the unexpected will make the path smoother when bad things do come along.

Consider the Impact

While we wish for things to stay steady, it’s crucial to be ready for surprises. We’ve helped other organizations deal with this, and we’re with you to help you stay ahead. That’s why we want to share ways you can mitigate risks and enhance your organization’s resilience.

Ask Yourself…

  1. What are the likely security surprises my business might have to deal with?
  2. Have I taken reasonable steps to prepare myself, my staff, and my facility to handle issues?
  3. Are my employees or co-workers comfortable with our level of preparedness?
  4. Can I leverage technologies to improve our security or our resilience?
Physical Security Considerations

Natural Disasters: Fires, floods, or tornadoes are our first thoughts, but do you recall February of 2021? We had a winter storm that brought everything to a halt! Could you be affected by a temporary shutdown of the whole region.

Crime: Theft and vandalism are the most likely events in this category. That is often addressed with locked doors and gates… But have you considered security cameras? <hint, keep reading> 

Active Shooter: Sadly this is happening more often. Have you discussed a response plan with your staff? Who should you call and where should you hide?

Daily Hazards: Many small and simple things could be a hazard if not taken care of. Conduct an annual walk-through of your office looking for little things. Trip hazards, common supplies in inconvenient locations, overloaded power strips, and other small issues that could result in injury or loss of productivity.

A Note About Security Cameras

We have often been asked about the use and placement of security cameras. And who can help get them running. And our answer is “Yes! We can install a camera system for you.”

But consider why cameras might be of benefit to you. First consider the security concerns listed above. If any of those were to happen, having a recording of the event would dramatically help the recovery process. You would know exactly what happened and when.

A good system of cameras and recordings enhances the safety of all concerned. It can also help with day to day operations. Consider two examples:

Example 1: A manager of a warehouse asked us to place several cameras in key locations so she can track which trucks are loaded and ready to roll out. This helps her to line up the incoming trucks at the next available loading bay.

Example 2: One doctor had us setup cameras looking down the two main corridors of his facility. This enables him to see from his office when the staff are walking a patient toward an exam room. He can then quickly determine who to go see next.

Prevent Disruptions, Secure Success – Call Us for Solutions!

At Switch Technologies we specialize in keeping problems out of business. How can we help you prepare for the unexpected? Call us today.

Happy Computing!!


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