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Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams - "DON'T Call Microsoft"

Happy Computing Tip #134

The scammers know that Microsoft is a trusted name and they use it to make you fall for their scare tactics. We continue to receive calls from people who reach out to us because they are receiving the “call Microsoft” pop-up or they call us after they have fallen for the trap. You don’t need to be an expert on technology to know how to avoid this trap. Please keep reading to learn how you can identify and protect yourself from these tech support scams.

How Does the Microsoft Scare Tactic Work? 😨

At times, they can cause an alarm or pop-up to show on your screen that is warning you of a virus infection. 🚨☠ The message will typically urge you to call Microsoft immediately for assistance. When this happens, it’s normal to feel panicked but don’t allow that feeling to move you to call the scammers.

The scammers may also call you or send you an email. They will pretend to be Microsoft and ask you to install applications or to allow them to have remote access to your computer. Don’t fall for it!

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Tech Support Scams 🛡️💻

🧐 Verify the Source: Before taking any action, take a moment to verify if the source is legitimate. Note: Microsoft makes clear that they will not make calls, emails, or text messages if you did not ask them too. If a pop-up message comes up with a phone number, do not call that phone number. Microsoft never provides a phone number with their error or warning messages.

🔃 Keep Software Updated: Make sure that your computer’s operating system, antivirus software, and web browser are all up to date with the latest security patch.

🚫 Don’t Grant Remote Access: Do not grant remote access to someone you don’t know or trust. Scammers can easily use this to install malware or to steal your personal information.

📞 Call Switch Technologies: You may still have doubts or questions about whether or not your computer is safe. Please don’t hesitate to call us! You can trust our friendly IT experts to keep your devices secure from the pesky scammers and enjoy peace of mind. 😌

Stay Informed & Stay Safe

As we considered, the scammers are always on the lookout for ways to make you fall for their tricks. However, here at Switch Technologies we are looking out for you so you can stay safe from the scammers. We enjoy helping you to stay informed, to stay safe, and to stay happy with your computing experience. ✨

Happy Computing!!!


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