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Is Your Home Office Secure?

Happy Computing Tip #128

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Whether you’re a remote worker or a business owner managing a remote team, we prepared a simple checklist for you to protect your organization from home. First, we will dive into two crucial questions that could make all the difference in your home office security.

1. Is Your ‘Work from Home’ Computer as Secure as the Office Network Computers?

While your office networks may be fortified with security measures, does your home computer receive the same level of protection? Have you ever had a technician assess your home network? Consider keeping your ‘work from home’ computer on a separate network from personal devices for that extra layer of security.

2. Are you using your ‘work from home’ computer for personal tasks too?

It’s highly recommended to have a dedicated ‘work from home’ computer. This not only protects sensitive work data but also ensures a clear separation between your professional and personal digital activities.

Home Office Security Checklist:

Update and Upgrade:
🔃Ensure your computer’s operating system is up to date.

🔓Check that your antivirus software is the latest version. 

Password Power:
💪 Use strong, unique passwords for work and personal accounts.

🔑 Consider using a reliable password manager for easy management.

Back It Up:
😎 Regularly back up important work files.

🔐Store backups in a safe location both in your home and in an off-site location such as “the cloud.”

Phishing Alert:
🎣 Verify emails, especially those asking for sensitive information.

📞 If in doubt, don’t click! Reach out to our support team for guidance.

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If you have questions about the checklist or want guidance on securing your home office, our IT support team is here for you. 😊

Happy Computing!!!


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