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Is Your Data Backed Up?

Happy Computing Tip #122

Nobody wants to restore their data from a backup. But on the day you need it, will your backups be up to the task?

Consider the Impact

While we all wish our technology would last forever, it’s crucial to be ready for failures. We’ve helped organizations deal with failures, but we want you to be prepared before a disaster occurs.

Here is a Good Backup Policy

The industry standard for a solid backup policy is called ‘3-2-1’.

3 – Maintain at least three up-to-date copies of your data.

2 – Use at least two different types of data storage.

1 – At least one copy should be stored off site.

Backups are like a life jacket

In a perfect world, we would not need to wear a life jacket when enjoying a day out on the boat. But everyone who has spent time on the water knows that when the emergency happens, you do not have time to get out the life jacket and put it on.

In the same way, our data backup processes must be in place before an event happens. When a server crashes or a hard drive fails it is too late to make backups.

Be Prepared

Some have suggested that encouraging people to keep multiple copies of their data reflects a lack of faith in their backup process or personnel. Still, redundant fail-safes should always be part of your plan. The truth is that almost anything can fail. Hard drives fail. Good employees make bad mistakes. Bad employees make worse mistakes. Even the biggest providers can let you down in time of need. Some examples include when the Amazon Web Services outage took down a large swath of the internet and when the Google Cloud Storage outage affected platforms like Snapchat, Shopify, and Discord. That’s why the 3-2-1 strategy exists.

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