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Surge Protectors - Why Use Them?

Happy Computing Tip # 107

What is a surge protector?

It’s a device that protects a computer or electronic device from sudden increases in electrical voltage, called power surges. Although power surges can last just a fraction of second, they can cause BIG problems if you’re not protected from them. So how can you protect your electronic equipment from power surges?

Before Investing in a Good Surge Protector, Ask yourself …

What is the power consumption of my computer or other electronic devices? This will help you to know whether or not the surge protector you choose can handle the power demands without overloading.

What is the joule rating of this surge protector? A surge protector will have a rating in Joules of energy, as well as the maximum voltage it can take from a power spike. Typically a higher joule rating provides better protection against power surges. By asking yourself this question you will avoid buying a power strip

How many outlets do I need and are they compatible? Consider the amount of outlets you need to protect all your devices and make sure the outlets match the plugs for your devices.

Does it come with a warranty? It’s best to have coverage in case of any issues.

Can you benefit from a feature called “Fail-Safe”? Most surge protectors have a hidden weakness, once they do their job and absorb the electrical damage they will continue to work as a simple power splitter. They will have a small LED indicator that indicates if you are still protected. Fail-Safe causes the surge protector to stop functioning completely when it has reached the limit of its protective ability. As a result, this forces the end user to take action to replace the surge protector.

Already Have a Surge Protector? Be Aware of This …

It’s a common belief that a surge protector will protect you from a lightning storm. ⚡ That is NOT the case. Even the most effective surge protector can’t protect computers and equipment from the huge voltage that lightning induces. So if a lightning storm does occur, the best thing to do is turn off and unplug computers, TVs, printers, etc.

In the event that your computer is affected by a power surge, it’s critical that you have backups in place. We know we talk about this often, but it’s serious and important that you have all your files backed up. We don’t want you to lose those wonderful pictures from your vacation last year, the super important project for your company, or your great-grandmother’s recipe. Click here to learn about the different types of backups available.

If you don’t have a surge protector, it’s crucial that you get one. If you need advice or help on which surge protector to get, give us a call! 📞 We’ll be happy to help. 😊

Happy Computing!!

P.S. Another very important device to have is a UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, click here to learn more about it.

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